Replying to new form submissions or emails from leads quickly is important but can be time consuming. Here are the Four levels of Automatically Replying to Leads:

Lvl 1: Use gmails templates to save you time: Step 1. Enable Templates in Gmail settings: Step 2. Now you can access templates from the new message window within gmail – click the … and then go to templates.

Lvl 2: Use and to automatically reply to new emails that meet certain criteria. Step 1. Set up a account and forward your lead emails to there. Step 2. Set up a rule to parse out the information, name # etc

Lvl 3. Use your CRM. No matter your CRM, make sure to set up new emails to fresh leads. That way the leads feel loved right away. If your CRM doesn’t have mail functionality, hook your CRM up to or and send an email like in Lvl. 2
Lvl 4. Use txt. The email I use for forms is my junk one that looks like this photo. Nothing important is happening there. If you are collecting someone’s phone number on a form, think about how you can text them right away.


Some CRM’s have this functionality. When a new lead is added to your CRM, automate a a welcome txt instead of an email If your CRM can’t do this, integrate with via zapier or use a software like