Let zapier automatically add a notion page and information for your upcoming new prospect calls. Use ChatGPT-3 To add business information

Set up your calendar as the trigger. In this case I use zcal.co – A free alternative to calendly


Add a filter to only run this zap for certain calendars within your calendar software. This only runs for my ‘Approachment’ Calendars.


I want to get the business website for later. I do this by spliting the invitees email.
Alternatively, you could ask for the business website in your calendar form.


Next, I want to make sure there isn’t already a page in Notion for the invitee. 

I do this by using the ‘Find a page’ in Notion + a zapier filter

Now, add the OpenAI action.

I added a simple prompt asking for company basics which can be modified for your need.

I set the temperature to low to make sure I was getting factual info. only

Tie it all together to get the new page created in Notion.