Text Messages has a 98% open rate.

Use this zapier guide to automatically send your Hubspot contacts texts when they fill out a form or their deal stage moves.

Step 1. Link Hubspot to Zapier

For this one we are using ‘New Form Submission’ as our trigger.

You could also other triggers like updated deal stage.


Step 1b. Choose which form submissions you want Zapier to look for

For this to work, make sure your form is capturing their first name and their phone number with a country code.

Step 2. Add a delay to make the text look more human

1. Search for ‘Delay’


Step 1b. Configure the delay

Use the ‘Delay For’ option 



1. Enter the time you want to delay for. e.g. 4

2. From the dropdown choose the unit. e.g. minutes


Step 3. Send with Twilio

Start a new Action.

This time search for Twilio. 


Step 3b. Configure the text message to be automatically sent

1. Your Twilio Number (Add more numbers in Twilio if you need a unique number for tracking)

2. Choose the contact’s phone number from the hubspot trigger

3. Enter the message. Use the contact’s first name and other details to add personalization.

Step 4. That’s it! Expected response from contact:

“wow, that was fast”