Hire phone staff for 80% less than US equivalents

We find, train, and place full time phone staff in your business

Excellent English

We only find and place candidates with native level English and neutral accents.

Full Time

Why use a call center when you can have a full time dedicated employee for the same cost?

Trained and Ready

Our callers come trained and eager to go. Whether its answering the phones or calling back leads.

Missing Leads Because Your Phone is Not Answered?

You can hire amazing full-time remote phone staff for around $1,800 USD per month

Why hire remote vs in-office?

Save over 60%

When you consider Salary + benefits + taxes, American employees are expensive.

In California a good caller will likely cost you $25 p/h. With taxes that is around $4600 P/M.

Our remote callers start at $1800 P/M.

Check how much your US employees are costing you here. 


Your phone needs to be answered every time it rings. Each call could be a lead ready to spend thousands of dollars with you.

This can be a boring job for in office staff and before you know it the phone call was missed because “I was checking the mail”.

Access to the top 1%

Don’t hold your company back by hiring only in your geographic area. Unlock the world’s best talent by hiring remote.

We only accept the best of the best at Phone Staffer

Working with us

Hit the “Get my caller” button. Tell us about the caller role you’re looking to fill. We’ll get to know each other and the job you’re looking to fill.
We begin our talent search for your specific role. We’ll interview, test and screen until we find 3 candidates that are well suited for your job.
Once we’re confident we’ve found 3 great options, we’ll present them to you. We’ll then help you schedule interviews with the candidates to choose your favorite.

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