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Dropbox Integrations on Make

Suprisingly Good Dropbox Integration Dropbox on Make has a ton of functionality. If you are using dropbox in your business processes, check it out to see if you can automate some tasks and save yourself some time. Here is a walk through of the intregration and an...

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Automatic Notion Creation & Call Research

Let zapier automatically add a notion page and information for your upcoming new prospect calls. Use ChatGPT-3 To add business information Set up your calendar as the trigger. In this case I use - A free alternative to calendly   Add a filter to only run...

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Automatically Send Texts – Hubspot to Twilio

Text Messages has a 98% open rate. Use this zapier guide to automatically send your Hubspot contacts texts when they fill out a form or their deal stage moves.Step 1. Link Hubspot to ZapierFor this one we are using ‘New Form Submission’ as our trigger. You could also...

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Remove Contacts from Hubspot Workflows with Zapier

Hubspot does not make it easy to remove contacts and deals from automations. Use this zapier guide to remove contacts from your hubspot workflows when they book a call on your calendarStep 1. Create a new contact property in Hubspot1. Click the Settings Icon 2. Click...

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Filtered Auto Reply from Gmail with Make

Replying to new form submissions or emails from leads quickly is important but can be time consuming. Here are the Four levels of Automatically Replying to Leads: Lvl 1: Use gmails templates to save you time: Step 1. Enable Templates in Gmail settings: Step 2. Now you...

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