Hubspot does not make it easy to remove contacts and deals from automations.

Use this zapier guide to remove contacts from your hubspot workflows when they book a call on your calendar

Step 1. Create a new contact property in Hubspot

1. Click the Settings Icon

2. Click Properties on the left

3. Click Create New

Object Type:

Contact Information

Your choice. I like stop automation to stop every automation. Or stop {Specific Automation Name} for specific automations and more control

Field type:
Single checkbox

Single checkbox is a good choice so we can have a simple yes/no option

Property Visibility:

Unless you intend to use this for internal forms

Step 2. Add your new property to your workflow if/then

This Filtered already used stages to remove contacts from the workflow. Now it will also check if our new property is Yes or No and only continue if it is not Yes.

Step 3. Integrate Your Calendar With Zapier

Add your Trigger:
In our case we are using Zcal but this also works with Google Calendar and Calendly


Event Created


Follow the prompts to connect your Zapier to you zcal or other calendar.

For zcal users: Navigate to to grab your API key

Once connected you will see a prompt to “Test trigger”
Go an test it and make sure the connection is working

Step 4. Integrate Hubspot with Zapier


Find Contact

First we have to use the find contact option to find the contact ID. From there we can add another action to update the new contact property


+ Connect a new account:
Use the pop-up login screen to select your Hubspot account.


1. Set up Action 2. First search property name 3. Find Contact Information: Email

1. First search property value
2. Invitees Email. This is the email that was pulled through in your earlier test

1. Leave the rest of the fields as they are.
2. Hit Continue to test the action

1. If the contact is in your CRM, and the zap was set up correctly. This will come back as “true”

Add a new Hubspot action just like before. Event: Update Contact

1. Object ID

2. We want to use the ID that was returned from our previous Find Contact in Hubspot Test

1. Find your new field from step 1.

Bonus Tip: Use CTR + F to find it quicker

2. Select Yes

1. Run a test and make sure it is working correctly

Bonus Tips:


1. Use a zapier filter to only continue if certain calendar events are booked

2. “Reset” the property field at the start of every automation.